UM Battling For Top DB

This top defensive back prospect is looking hard at all three Florida schools. He talks about each of them in this interview.

At 6-foot-2 and 195 pounds, St. Augustine, Fla. standout safety Willie Cooper was all set to take his first official visit of the year on Dec. 20.

"I was all set for Oklahoma," Cooper said. "Then I found out we had to do pictures for the Super 24 team at the Jags game on Sunday. They said they couldn't get me an early flight back so I told them just to forget about it. They knew I was going to stay in Florida anyway."

Cooper has things narrowed down to the three Florida schools.

"I grew up rooting for Florida State and that's the one I'm looking at the hardest," he said. "They're having some problems right now but I think a lot of that is blown up. They're still Florida State."

The standout safety received in-home visits from both Florida and Miami two weeks ago.

"They came by and talked to me," he said. "It was cool sitting down and listening to what they had to say. They answered my questions and stuff like that. Coach Bowden is coming down here right after I get back from California."

So where do the Hurricanes stand on Cooper's list?

"If I don't go to Florida State, Florida's probably my next choice, then Miami," he said. "But you never know, that's why I'm taking these visits."

Cooper has all three lined up.

"I wanted it so I could take all three visits back to back," he said. "I go to Tallahassee on the 10th, Gainesville on the 17th, and Miami on the 24th. I'll probably make my decision right after I get back from Miami."

Cooper talked more about the Hurricanes?

"The best thing about Miami is they're on another level when it comes to players," he said. "You have Florida State, Florida, and some other top teams...then you have Miami. It's amazing. But I know a lot more about the other two and I like how everything is all about football in Gainesville and Tallahassee. Everywhere you go in those towns, it's all about the football team. I like that kind of environment and that's not what it's like in Miami."

The standout defender said he's spoken to fellow DB recruit Dee Webb a few times.

"I've seen him at some places," he said. "I talked to him at the Super 24 thing on Sunday. We're taking our trips to FSU and Miami together. He's cool like that but we haven't really talked about going to the same school. He said he's thinking hard about Florida right now."

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