Bailey talks about spring, position switch

Allen Bailey is expected to be one of Miami's top returning players on defense this season. caught up with the junior defensive lineman just a few days before spring practice starts. Read on for the latest scoop.

Q: Will you be switching to defensive tackle permanently this year?
A: I don't think so. I think it will be like last year were I rotated from outside to inside depending on what the offense was doing. I will be a lot more at tackle, but I think I will still play some at end.

Q: How is the adjustment of switching positions during the game?
A: It is no big deal. It is a little different. I have to learn both and contribute how I can.

Q: How much are you weighing right now compared to last season?
A: I am at 289 now. I played at 285 last year. I do not plan on putting on any more weight.

Q: You had a torn pectoral injury that slowed you down at the start of last year/ How is your health now?
A: I am fine. I am 100 percent and ready to have a great spring.

Q: How do you see the rotation playing out on the defensive line?
A: At tackle, I think it will be me on the left and Marcus on the right. At end, I will be on the left and guys like Robinson, Ojomo, and Vernon will be on the right.

Q: What do you think John Lovett's impact on the defense will be?
A: I think it will be more basic. It will give the defensive line the chance to show off its pass rushing ability.

Q: How will the adjustment of learning a new playbook be?
A: They are going to put it in little by little. Some of it now in the spring and the rest in the fall.

Q: How big is it for the defense to get Eric Moncur back?
A: It is a big thing. He is our leader on the defensive line. He is also a great player. We could have used him last year.

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