Cook talks about changing his throwing motion

Taylor Cook is a redshirt freshman quarterback competing for the backup quarterback job. Read on to see what he's saying about that, spring practice, how he changed his throwing motion, and much more.

Q: How was last season for you?
A: It was tough not to play and just have to spend the year learning and getting better, but it was a good experience.

Q: What things did you improve on over last year?
A: My throwing motion has changed a bit. I have a higher release than I used to have. And my footwork has gotten a lot better since when I came in.

Q: All the players talk about you having the strongest arm on the team. How far can you throw the football?
A: I can throw it about 70 yards.

Q: How is the competition for the back-up job coming along?
A: It is going well. I want to be the starter, but you have to be the number 2 first.

Q: What are you weighing now?
A: I am at 235. I was at 220 when I came in last year.

Q: Last year you were listed as the back-up punter on the depth chart. Is that something you are still doing?
A: Not right now, but if that is something the team needs me to do I am fine with it. I will do whatever it takes to help us win.

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