Gordon sees big opportunity this spring

Richard Gordon is a senior tight end and with the injury to Dedrick Epps this spring, he'll have a huge opportunity over the next month or so. Read on to see what Gordon's saying about that, his production level last season, his role on this team, the play of Jacory Harris so far this spring, and more.

Q: With Zellner graduating and the injury to Dedrick do you feel this is your time to shine?
A: It is my opportunity, and I just feel I have to do it on the field this year. I know this is my chance. I feel like a new player.

Q: Why do you feel like a new player?
A: I am back at 265. I was at 280 last year. I feel a lot of my speed has come back. I am just losing weight like Coach Shannon wanted me to.

Q: Are you disappointed with your production the last few years?
A: Not really. I feel I was used a lot more as a blocker. I wasn't asked to be a big part in the passing game. This year I am going to get the chance to catch a lot of balls though.

Q: Has it been difficult to be shuffled around different positions throughout your career?
A: No. I have always done whatever was asked at me. I just want to help us be the best team we can be.

Q: How does Jacory look out there?
A: He is playing great. He is the leader out there. He had a few nice passes to me today. He is doing a good job.

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