Harris talks about spring so far

Jacory Harris has a big role for the University of Miami this spring. As the projected starter learning a brand new offense, Harris has a lot going on. Read on to see what he's saying about spring so far, Coach Whipple's new offense, his goals for this season, and much more.

Q: How has the start of spring practice gone?
A: I was really excited to get back out here. We came out fired up. Everyone came out here having fun. We've wanted to get back on this field for a long time. The offense went out and did great, and the defense did well too. I was just talking to LaRon Byrd, telling him how comfortable I feel out there because it's like now I don't have to go out there and make any plays. I don't have to force anything just to show that I'm here.

Q: What do you think of the new offense?
A: I love the offense because there's always something open. It gives you time to progress through your reads. You can check down to the running backs, so the backs might have 10 catches a game. It's fun. It's something we have fun doing.

Q: What were your thoughts when you first saw the new offense?
A: My first thought was the playbook was so big. It is like 10 inches high, but once I looked at it and went over things with coach I understood everything he was talking about. I am very impressed by it.

Q: How did Coach Whipple describe his offense to the team?
A: He said it has built up threw all of his years of coaching. It has bits and pieces from everywhere he has been. You can see that he has a lot of creativity. He has had us look at NFL film to get some of the concepts of the playbook down. Once you understand the main idea it is easy to get the little things down.

Q: How much of the playbook do you feel comfortable with?
A: I feel like I know 75 percent of the playbook. It has a lot of plays, but I will get it all down.

Q: What are your goals for this year?
A: I have to step up and be a leader, have to be held accountable for everything I'm doing. And that's something I have to learn and grow on as the year progresses. I want to be the guy everyone can turn to.

Q: How has Tommy Streeter looked in his return from injury?
A: He's a sub-4.4. guy. It's something amazing by looking at Streeter running down the field and you throw it up and he's running past cornerbacks. It's going to be amazing to watch Streeter on the field.

Q: Is your shoulder completely healed from last season?
A: I still feel a little sensation every now and then. It's OK. I don't know why I still feel it. But it's not bothering me with any throws. I've got to rehab two times a day in order for it to get healthy. When I was talked to Coach Nix, he was telling me he still feels his AC joint sometimes. I guess I'm going to feel it forever. I kind of pop my shoulder back in place.

Q: Do you feel with a new coordinator and the majority of the offense returning along with some guys that were injured that the offense can improve?
A: It depends on how the players pick up his offense, how the players go out there and learn the playbook and things like that. That will determine if we can be a 40-point team, just score points. We are working every day to improve.

Q: What are you weighing now?
A: I am up to 189 now. Just drinking protein shakes, working out and trying to get bigger.

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