Q&A with Olivier Vernon

Olivier Vernon didn't play a single down of high school football in his senior season so he's was anxious to get back on the field for the start of spring drills at Miami last week. Read on to see what Vernon's saying about the spring, his current weight situation, what he needs to work on, the transition to college life, and more.

On how spring practice is going thus far:
"I'm feeling pretty good, I'm just adjusting to it, learning the scheme real fast, just need more repetitions. We're getting ready for next week's practice already."

On people raving about his physical readiness and development:
"It feels pretty good but I don't think it's going to get to my head, I'm still trying to get bigger in the weight room with Coach Swasey, so I'm getting stronger than ever."

Things that the coaches have told him he needs to work on:
"Most of the time it's like rushing to the ball every down, even if I'm not close to it, more hand placement, getting off the ball and shooting my hands."

On the differences from high school to college:
"Aw man, everything is fast. You go from one station to the next station so fast. In high school, we get breaks, but it can't compare to college. I knew what I was going into. I had my mind ready for it, but it still kind of hit me."

On the benefits of coming in spring as opposed to summer:
"It's helping me get adjusted to it. Getting adjusted to the speed of the game is helping me a lot."

His goals for the season:
"Just getting on that field, trying to get as many reps as I can, and working hard."

His weight:
"247. I came in and I lost weight to like 239, then I gained it back and got up to 247."

His desired playing weight this season:
250 lbs

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