Futch excited to be back out there again

Jordan Futch suffered an injury in his first season as a Hurricane and that set him back a bit. Now that spring practice has started, CanesTime.com caught up with the talented linebacker to talk about his injury status, his thoughts on Coach Lovett, where the defense is at, and more.

Q: Are you playing will or sam now?
A: Will. I started out at sam (last year) and then moved back to will. I'm 100-percent healthy now (from last year's injury).

Q: How is the spring going?
A: Coach Lovett is being real hands on. He's showing us the ropes. He's got the older guys showing us the ropes because we have a lot of young guys and they're helping as much as possible.

Q: What's your current weight?
A: Right now I'm 218. I played last season at 225. With the injury I lost a little weight. Coach Swasey wants me at about 225 this season.

Q: How is the defense matching up against the offense so far?
A: It's hard to tell in these first few practices. As time progresses, by the time the scrimmage at Traz Powell comes we'll be able to get a good look. That'll be a good measure of where we are.

Q: How much fun is it being out here again?
A: It's exciting. I was injured last year and that made my love for the game even more. Anytime you stop playing your career can be over. It's real exciting to be out here.

Q: How much did watching last year help you?
A: It helps a lot with any athlete. You can sit back and watch the older guys and learn a lot. I learned a lot from Glenn Cook. He helped me out a lot. It helps knowledge-wise.

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