Q&A with Brandon McGee

Brandon McGee is one of six true freshmen already enrolled at the University of Miami from the Class of 2009. CanesTime.com caught up with him to talk about spring so far. Read on to see what he's saying.

On the scrimmage and his interception:
"We just went out and played assignment football. I knew my assignments. Before the play, Jared gave me a heads up to pay attention to the down and distance and all of that. I just think it's a matter of gaining confidence and everything like that."

On his dive into the endzone:
"I was just hungry to get into the endzone. You just want to make a play."

On the transition from high school quarterback to college cornerback:
"It's been a smooth transition playing on the defensive side of the ball here. And even though in high school I was playing a lot of safety, I played corner as well and played a lot of offense. I actually think playing quarterback helped me more on the defensive side of the ball than playing safety did."

On if it was a relief to get out there and scrimmage as opposed to practice:
"It definitely is. In practice, you definitely get tired of hitting on eachother but in scrimmage, everything is live, everything is flying around, it's definitely a good experience."

On the blocked kick he almost recovered:
"DeMarcus Van Dyke was in on the block and I was trying to scoop it up but I didn't get to it. The next one I will."

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