Byrd: This year is a different offense

Laron Byrd was one of Miami's best offensive players last season as a true freshman. Read on to see what he's saying about the quarterbacks, the new offense, his biggest asset, and much more.

On the play of backup quarterbacks Taylor Cook and Cannon Smith:
Cannon and Taylor are very good. We gotta get them off the line a little stronger. They get a little happy feet sometimes, try to run out of the pocket too much. As long as they get composed they'll be great quarterbacks.

On making big plays this spring, like the one he had in the scrimmage on Saturday:
Ryan Hill is a very aggressive player. He bites a lot. He's very smart too but Graig Cooper ran around and I got open. I threw my hands up and it was a big play that we executed to perection.

On size being a major asset for him:
It's definitely gonna be a great asset. My freshman year coming in, everyone was real eager to get stripes. Now we're all sophomores and people are going out there with more of a purpose. My size will come in handy in redzone situations. Hopefully it'll open up guys in the slot like Thearon Collier and Davon Johnson.

On the new offense being put in:
It's a different type of offense. Last year was more college-based and this year is more NFL-based. We might see two big guys in at the same time to confuse the defense. The way we run our offense, sometimes the deep guy may be the short guy now. I think it's very balanced.

On film study of other receivers:
I go into the film room every day after lunch. I watch Andre Johnson, Reggie Wayne. I like to watch Randy Moss too. I do it on my own. Sometimes we'll all go watch NFL players like Desean Jackson and Jason Avant. Mainly I watch it myself.

On who you look to for improvement:
I hope to improve my feet work like Chad Johnson, getting more physical like Andre Johnson, running my routes like Reggie Wayne, and having hands like Moss.

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