Harris: Offense is much further ahead this yr

Jacory Harris took over the team's starting quarterback role at the end of last season. The talented sophomore is now learning a new offense under new offensive coordinator Mark Whipple. Read on to see what Harris is saying about the progress the offense is making this spring, the difference from last year, what he's working on the most, and much more.

On the success he's been having so far this spring:
The athletes around me help me a lot and the offensive line helps protect me. It's just a lot of fun out here. We haven't had a lot of mental errors. We're executing the offense well.

On the play of freshman RB Mike James:
Mike is someone who is a hard worker. He'll get a lot of playing time because of his work ethic and because of his style. He's a downhill runner. He won't try to avoid you. He'll try to bulldoze you. He's got real good hands and will make things happen.

On the status of his shoulder injury:
My shoulder only hurts when I go to sleep. I wake up in the morning and just gotta move it around a little bit. I'm used to it.

On getting the ball out quicker:
In the game, I just gotta get the ball out quicker. But in the game the defense doesn't know your play. Our here, they know our routes and our receivers so it makes it tougher.

On how the defense has looked:
The defense will drop back eight defenders one play and the next play they'll blitz all 11 guys. I love the new defensive coordinator (John Lovett). He's thrown in a lot of stuff to mess with our heads so we try to get him.

On the difference between the offense now and a year ago:
This oiffense is season-ready. Last year we were just starting to get spring-ready. We were just getting together for the spring. Now we're at a point where we were during 2-a-days last year.

On the impact of Coach Whipple:
Coach Whipple has thrown a lot at us. He'll put in 40 plays in one day. We'll walk out on the field, go through them and put them into our memory. Basically everyone knows it all and no one is really messing up.

On the rhythm of the offense this spring:
There is a lot of rhythm. I'm very confident in what Coach Whipple's calling. I don't question any of his plays. I always think positive about every play.

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