Playoffs, did you say Playoffs?

It seems that since the beginning of time, many college football fans have been clamoring for a football version of the Final Four. A tournament to end all debate once and for all as to who the National Champion is. Many permutations of a proposed football tournament have been presented over the years.

Here's mine:

1. Start with the current BCS formula to chose the best 8 teams in the country.

2. Use the four current BCS bowls as the venues for the first round of the playoffs.

3. Each of the four top ranked teams can choose its own venue, in order.

4. After the traditional bowl games are played, the first round of the playoffs will continue the following Sunday. (For example, take this year's Fiesta Bowl on Friday, the next round would be held on January 12th.

5. The East and West will have their own semi-final game with the Orange and Sugar taking turns in the East, and the Rose and Fiesta taking turns in the West.

6. The teams will be reseeded again according to their final regular season BCS ranking. The highest ranked team will play the lowest ranked of the four remaining teams, and the second that third ranked teams will play each other.

7. The top ranked team has the choice of either East or West semi-final venue.

8. The final bowl game would be pre-selected, as it is right now, with the winners of the East and West semi-final moving on to the National Championship Game held a week after the Final Four.

With this system, each of the four major bowl games are given major importance as first round playoff games. The old bowl system would remain intact. There is no reason not to have them. About extending the season by two weeks, only 4 teams will have it extended by a week, and only two teams will have it extended by the entire two weeks. In addition, to allow for attendance, the top ranked teams will have the opportunity to choose the bowl game that is closest to them for their quarter round and semi-final round. This should make it easier for fans of the higher ranked team to attend, thereby giving the higher ranked team a "home field" advantage, although it may not always work out this way, especially, if the team ranked #4 is an East Coast team forced to go West because of the choices made by the three teams ahead in the rankings.

This is how this system might have worked this year:

BCS Elite Eight:

1. Miami
2. Ohio State
3. Georgia
4. USC
5. Iowa
6. Washington State
7. Oklahoma
8. Kansas State

Quarter Final Match-ups:

Orange Bowl #1 Miami v. #8 Kansas St. (Miami chooses the Orange Bowl)

Rose Bowl #2 Ohio State v. #7 Oklahoma (Ohio State chooses the Rose Bowl)

Sugar Bowl #3 Georgia v. #6 Washington State (Georgia chooses the Sugar Bowl)

Fiesta Bowl #4 USC v. #5 Iowa (USC is forced to choose the Fiesta Bowl)

* Look at all these great match-ups. Can you imagine watching these games played on the 1st and 2nd of January?

Projected Semi-Final Match-ups:

Orange Bowl - pre-selected as the East Coast Semi-Final
#1 Miami v. #5 Iowa (Miami selects the Orange Bowl as its desired venue)

Fiesta Bowl - pre-selected as the West Coast Semi-Final
#2 Ohio State v. #3 Georgia (Ohio State has no choice but to play in the West Coast venue)

* How great would it be to watch these games on the same day? It can be held on a Saturday, but since the NFL might play into this decision, it may be better for the Semi-Final round to be held on the Friday following New Year's Bowl week.

Projected National Title Game:

Fiesta Bowl - pre-selected as the National Title Game
#1 Miami v. #2 Ohio State

Can you imagine this game being played the same weekend as the NFL conference championships? What a great weekend of football. At the same time, I'm nervous enough for one game, I don't know if my heart could take any more anxiety, but it sure would be a fun ride.

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