Holton making adjustment to LB

C.J. Holton is now playing linebacker after redshirting as a true freshman last season. CanesTime.com caught up with the former four-star safety to talk about the switch to linebacker, how spring has been going, his thoughts on the new defense, and more.

How's spring been going:
I'm feeling comfortable on how everything's going. I'm just out here having fun.

On redshirting last season:
It kinda hurt a little bit but I got used to it as the season went along. I was still putting the work in.

On moving to linebacker:
I'm playing linebacker now. I love to hit so it doesn't matter to me playing safety or linebacker. We had a bunch of safeties in the scrimmage so I played linebacker. Now it's a permanent move.

On his current playing weight:
I'm 210 right now. I came in here at 223 last year and had to lose weight to play DB so now I feel good again that I can gain it back.

On what to expect from him:
Just for me to be a playmaker. I'll always be there when the team needs me, whatever they need me to do, I'll do it.

On the new defensive system:
I had a few troubles early but I'd stay afterwards to better learn it. They're always on top of us if we don't know it so that made it easier.

On the difference compared to last year's defense:
Last year was real different. On the scout team, you'd just go out. Now we're learning a lot more indepth, the different techniques, where to be, different things like that.

On what to expect in the spring game:
I just wanna go out and show the coaches that I can make plays.

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