Q&A with Taylor Cook

Taylor Cook is a redshirt freshman quarterback who is coming off a strong spring, when he improved tremendously. CanesTime.com caught up with him to talk about his spring, the new offense, what he's improved on, and much more. Read on to see what he's saying.

On the spring game:
We ran the ball well. Damien Berry did good. We threw the ball well. It was a good day in all.

On his improvement:
I furthered everything, I think. I got a lot better in the last five months. I think I improved a lot.

On his performance in the spring game:
I think I did good. We got some momentum going there and we kept it going and I thought I threw the ball pretty well. I think I'm ready to get in there and perform.

On being prepared as a backup:
You gotta be prepared. I'm learning as much as I can, learning from Jacory. When I get reps, I just keep getting better and don't get nervous.

On learning the new offense:
When we first got it, it was a lot but I think I've come a long ways in learning it.

On competing for the starting job:
I'm gonna compete either way, even if they announce it. I'm gonna keep going. Me and Robert (Marve) were pretty good friends when he left. I was gonna have to compete coming into the spring and now it's just one less guy to compete against.

On his performance throughout the entire spring:
Overall I think I did pretty well. I made a few bad decisions from time to time but from the start to the end, I thought I improved a lot.

On how far he can throw a ball:
All you guys ask me that. I'd say a little over 70 yards, 75 probably.

On the shorter stuff:
That's one thing I've worked on. I can throw it far but it doesn't matter if I can't get it there. I've been working more on my touch and hitting receivers in stride every time.

On the team's receivers:
Oh man, our receiver corps is crazy good. Their upside is just ... you don't know. From short, fast guys to tall, fast guys to route-runners, we have it all.

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