Berry: The OL deserves all the credit

Junior running back Damien Berry was one of the stars of the spring game this past Saturday. caught up with him to talk about his performance, the offensive line, his move earlier in his career from safety, and much more. Read on to see what he's saying.

On the competition at running back:
I look at it like this -- we're all a family. It's a team. I'm not worried about it like that.

On the play of the offensive line in the scrimmage:
That offensive line is great. They showed how great they are. It wasn't all me. All the line and receivers, they opened up holes and blocked for me. Without those guys, it wouldn't happen.

On making the most of his opportunity:
It was just my time to shine. I got that time. I'm trying to get better every day and just gotta keep grinding.

On the long touchdown run in the scrimmage:
That line opened up a hole a little and I saw Tommy Streeter blocking on the edge and that left me 1-on-1 with a safety and I had to win that.

On the progression he made through spring:
I started off a little slow. I'm trying to learn the plays. I grasped them and now I got 'em and I'm ready to run with it now.

On the move from safety to running back earlier in his career:
I'm an upcoming junior. I got moved to running back at the end of my freshman year. I feel good about it. I think Coach Shannon made the best decision for the team. I feel most comfortable wherever Coach Shannon tells me to play. If he says play on the offensive line, I'll do it to the best of my ability. I trust him and what he's all about.

On the new offense:
It's all about learning the plays. You gotta get in the playbook. It's all on us now.

On the young offensive linemen stepping up:
I wouldn't even call them young guys. All this glory should be going to them. They've been blocking and as long as they block, we'll make great runs.

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