Earl Everett Talks Recruiting

At 6-foot-3 and 210 pounds, Webster (Fla.) South Sumter standout linebacker Earl Everett spent last week in California, where he was able to meet a lot of top recruits for the first time.

"It was awesome," Everett said. "They didn't play me much during the game for some reason but it was good meeting all the other guys from around the state."

So who did Everett hang out with the most?

"Me and Bryan Pata did pretty much everything together," he said. "We were always hanging out. He's real cool and likes to talk. There was almost a big fight at the hotel and he was right in the front ready for anything. I also hung out a lot with Glenn Cook."

Everett said he also had a chance to watch several other players this week.

"I thought Glenn and Ali were the best linebackers," he said. "Glenn isn't real big but he's real smart and he understands everything. He's always around the football. The coaches kept saying how he has a nose for the ball. Ali's good too."

Everett said he watched the Fiesta Bowl on Friday night with several players.

"We were all pretty mad at that one call," he said. "Miami got robbed. It was a bad call. When Miami ran out onto the field after that play, I thought they had won the championship and then the refs called it back. I couldn't believe it."

Everett, who did not watch the Florida game, spoke to new UF defensive coordinator Charlie Strong today.

"I talked to him for the first time," he said. "He's a real cool guy and he said how they still really want me. They allowed a lot of points and they need linebackers. He's coming by to watch me play [basketball] next week. Coach Hargreaves from Miami will probably call real soon. He probably just got back from Arizona. They're losing a lot of guys next year and they'll probably be in the national title hunt again. Those two are still my two favorites. They're even right now."

Everett, who visited Nebraska in December, will take this weekend to play basketball before tripping to Florida on the 17th and Miami on the 24th.

"I'm supposed to go to Florida State on the 31st but I'll probably know where I'm going after my visit to Miami," he said. "It's probably going to be out of Miami and Florida."

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