Standout DE Favors UM

This standout defensive end prospect recently returned from the CaliFlorida bowl and updated us on his college thoughts.

At 6-foot-2 and 235 pounds, Miami (Fla.) Carol City defensive end Eric Moncur arrived back home yesterday after playing in the CaliFlorida Bowl on Saturday.

"That was fun hanging out in California for a week," Moncur said. "The only part I didn't like is how they told me I was starting all week when I didnt."

Like many other players, Moncur said the practices during the week against his own teammates were the best part of the week.

"I'll tell you what Mike," he said. "The boy from Estero [Derrick Morse] was the best offensive lineman there. He was probably the best offensive lineman I played against all season."

So what made Morse standout in Moncur's mind?

"I dont know what it was," he said. "All I know is he had me looking into the sky a couple times. I did everything I could and still had problems getting around him."

The standout defensive end said he hung out with several local players during the week.

"My roommate was Maurice [Charles] and I hung out mostly with Cliff [Dickson], Ali [Highsmith], [Dwayne] Bowe, and Bryan [Pata]. We had a blast."

One of the things they did together was watch the Fiesta Bowl on Friday night.

"Man, they got screwed," he said. "They should have won the game but I guess it didn't work out that way."

Moncur said he spoke to Glenn Sharpe about it today.

"I saw him at the mall," he said. "He told me they came up a little short and there's nothing they can do now. He said everyone on the team believes they'll win it all next year and they've already started preparing. They'll be real hungry now and look what happened the last time they went into a season hungry [back in 2001]."

On the recruiting front, Moncur has already visited N.C. State and has three more trips lined up in January.

"I go to Ohio State on Friday," he said. "Then I have UM on the 17th and Georgia on the 24th. I like those other ones but UM is right here and it's got everything I need."

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