Wright Ready to Start UM Career

After finishing an incredible high school career last month, Kyle Wright played in his final game at the prep level last Sunday. He was one of the quarterbacks for the West in the national all-star game.

"It was really odd," Wright said. "We rotated quarterbacks every play. I'd get first down, then I'd get third down. It was really difficult to develop any type of rhythem and I was running around because the East defense was really strong and putting a lot of pressure on me. Victor Abiamiri, a defensive end from Maryland, had like four or five sacks in that game."

The talented quarterback said he had a chance to spend some time with fellow UM recruits at the game and during the week.

"I talked a lot to Andre [Caldwell]," he said. "We hung out and got to know each other. I think we [Miami] have a great shot of landing him. He really opened up to me and I like Miami's chances. I have told him all year that I would love for him to join me at Miami because I think we can have a great career together."

Wright said he spent time talking to several other players during the week, including linebacker Wes Jefferson.

"He's a really cool guy," he said. "He was giving me piano lessons during the week. He's just an awesome guy. I really hope we get him and he said he's very interested in Miami right now."

Wright also had a chance to meet fellow UM commitment Tavares Gooden for the first time.

"I'd been hearing a lot of good things about him," he said. "He's real cool and he's a great player. He's very friendly and I can't wait to start working out with him when he gets here."

The talented quarterback also offered his thoughts on the Fiesta Bowl loss to Ohio State.

"It's a tough loss," he said. "I really thought they were going to win. But maybe it'll motivate the team going into next year. I think they'll have a great chance to go to the title game again."

Wright said he's just days away from beginning his career at UM.

"It's hard to believe but I start school there on Monday," he said. "I'm coming in Friday and all I know is that Brock Berlin better be ready for some competition. The coaches have told me the job is wide open and I read a quote from Coach Chud in the paper that said the same thing. I'm going to give it all I have. I just can't wait for spring practice to start up."

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