Jefferson Talks Recruiting

At 6-foot-1 and 230 pounds, linebacker Wes Jefferson is getting set to take his third recruiting trip of the season this Friday.

"I leave for Ohio State at the end of the week," Jefferson said. "It'll be my third one. I've been to Miami and Maryland and then I'm going to Notre Dame next week. I'll probably be done after that but if I take another one, it'll be Penn State on the 24th."

The standout linebacker spent last week in Texas, competing in the national all star game.

"I had a lot of fun out there," he said. "I met some of the top players. It was good putting names to faces. I met some guys like Kyle [Wright], Florida Boy [Joe Cohen], Ryan Mundy, Tavares Gooden, and Moe Dampeer."

Jefferson was asked who he felt was the top player competing in that game.

"I'd have to say Moe Dampeer," he said. "That boy is huge and he just walks over people. He's a load."

The talented middle linebacker prospect took Friday night to watch the Fiesta Bowl with several other players.

"It was really a great game," he said. "I really enjoyed watching it because those are two of the schools I'm looking strong at. I really thought Miami had it but then that one call changed things."

Jefferson said he'll enjoy these last two trips before making a final decision.

"The top four are all pretty even," he said. "All of the schools are great academic schools. I'd like to someday play in a national title game like that and I think all the schools are good there too. My Dad really likes both Maryland and Miami and he's going on my visit to Ohio State with me."

Jefferson, who lives 25 minutes from Maryland's campus, said he'll make a decision based on where he feels most comfortable.

"I'd like to play early but I know that I'll have to earn whatever I get," he said. "Basically, I'll look at all of them after my visits and see which one fits me the best."

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