WR Names 2 Favorites

At 6-foot-2 and 190 pounds, New Orleans (La.) O.P. Walker standout wide receiver Craig Davis had an excellent senior season and after several months of being involved in the recruiting process, he'll finally take his first trip this weekend.

"I can't wait," Davis said. "I've had to deal with all the phone calls from coaches and all that kind of stuff. I guess the good stuff is coming up. They say the visits are the best part of the whole thing so I'm ready."

Davis said he'd like to visit five schools but it may not get that far.

"I am going to Auburn tomorrow," he said. "Then I have LSU next Friday and when I come back, I go right to Tennessee for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. After that, I'm not sure. I have Miami scheduled for the 24th but I also want to see Florida too."

Davis said two schools currently standout on his list of favorites.

"Florida and LSU are the two top ones right now," he said. "I've liked them both all year. LSU is close to home. Coach Saban is coming by to see me next week. Florida's a great program and they always have great receivers. They're coming by next week too. Plus, I think I can play early at both of them."

Davis is also considering the Hurricanes but may not make it that far.

"I'm not sure on Miami right now," he said. "They have't offered me and I don't know why. It would be good if they did but it'll probably be on my trip and I may already have a decision by then. I'd like to have it over with in about two weeks or so. It's cool though because I have some real good offers like LSU and Florida."

Davis said he had a chance to watch some bowl games in recent weeks.

"I watched some," he said. "But it seemed like the ones I'm looking at all lost. That's alright though. I'm going to finish up track season then start bulking up even more for football."

After this weekend's visit to Auburn, teammate Darryl Johnson will take the same visits. Johnson trips to Nebraska this week.

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