Standout DL Ready for UM Visit

At 6-foot-5 and 315 pounds, Reserve (La.) East Saint John standout defensive lineman Carnell Stewart ended his prep football career last Sunday in a national all-star game.

"It was a lot of fun," Stewart said. "I didn't enjoy losing 47-3 but the defense actually played good. We were put in a lot of bad situations. It was me and Xavier Lawson-Kennedy inside at tackle and the coaches said we played good."

Stewart, who is currently preparing for a basketball tournament this weekend, said he had the opportunity to hang out with Lawson-Kennedy and several other players during the week.

"I hung out with him, Tony Cade, Whitney [Lewis], Kyle Wright, Reggie Bush, and a dude named [Jorrie] Adams," he said. "It was tight, we had a lot of fun."

So what did Stewart learn about some of the other players?

Wright - "We hung out some. He was trying to talk to me about Miami. He sure is happy about going there. He thinks I would really like it there and he told me he'll show me and Xavier around when we come down for our visit because he's starting school next week. He's a great quarterback. During the game it was hard for him because he couldn't get into a rhythem."

Lawson-Kennedy - "He's a good inside guy, a run stopper. He's cool too. He's going to Florida with me tomorrow. Then we're going to Miami together on the 24th. He said he has no idea where he wants to go and needs to take his visits."

Adams - "He's like 6-8 or 6-9 and I've never seen someone that big move like he did. He has real long arms and real good feet. He was impossible to beat at left tackle for most guys. He could probably carry 400 pounds for how big he is and still move good. He said he likes Texas A&M a lot but he's probably going to make a visit to Miami with us on the 24th."

Stewart said while he didn't get a chance to hang out much with players from the East, he said four players really caught his attention.

"Chris Leak had a great game," he said. "He's a great player. There was a defensive end named Victor who was real good and there was a boy from Florida named Joe [Cohen] who was real tough to block and they said he's hardly ever played defense. He's just so quick and strong. And there was also some cat going to Miami that plays linebacker [Tavares Gooden]. He's about 220 pounds and I swear he runs a 4.4."

The talented defensive lineman took Friday night to watch the Fiesta Bowl, a game that he wish had ended differently.

"It was nice seeing such a good game," he said. "But I thought Ken Dorsey was a little injured at the end. If he completed the pass to the tight end, I think Miami would have won. I was hoping they would."

Stewart, who will be taking his official visit to UM along with teammate Ryan Watson, talked more about the recruiting process.

"Colorado has a step up on everyone right now because that's the only place I've visited," he said. "I'm going to make my decision based on my visits and where I fit in the best. It don't matter where that's at. I go to Florida tomorrow and then LSU next Friday. Then I got Miami on the 24th. I'll probably know after then where I'm going but if I need to, I'll take a fifth one to either Michigan, USC, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, or Michigan State maybe. But like I said, I'll probably know after I get back from Miami even though I probably won't announce it until signing day."

Stewart said he'll be checking out two main aspects of each program he visits.

"Basically, I'll check out the overall environment and where I fit in on the depth chart," he said. "I have to be comfortable where I'm going and as for playing, it's not like I have to start as a freshman or anything, I just want to have a chance to be in the rotation early. Colorado's losing some guys, Florida's losing seven, Miami's losing six, and LSU will probably need someone to replace Marcus Spears if he has a big year next year."

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