Phillips: We love being under the radar

Randy Phillips spoke to the media about a number of things on Wednesday afternoon and was there. Read on to see what he's saying.

* He calls the extra year of eligibility a blessing.

* He's ready to win the ACC and national championship that he came here to win.

* He feels very good about the new defense, saying they won't do "anything crazy". Instead, they'll perfect the smaller things.

* He calls Vaughn Telemaque a great player. He says VT has great range and is very smart and can make plays all over the field.

* He says he wants to be the leader and the captain of the defense this year. Having him, Eric Moncur, and Colin McCarthy back is going to be a major boost to the defense this season (after the three missed most of last season).

* He says he can't wait for Labor Day and he understands what it would mean to be part of the group that leads Miami back.

* He and the rest of the team understand how much UM is under the radar and they love that feeling.

* He's not concerned about what the media is saying. His main source of motivation is his family (2 1/2 year old son included) and his desire to be great.

* He feels proud that the NFL alumni from this school believe in this team. He believes they survived the storm of having to rebuild from the ground up and now they're ready to content.

* He is very excited about the first four games of the season. The main rival, Virginia Tech, is always a tough game and two of the teams (Oklahoma and Georgia Tech) crushed them the last time they played so that will give them plenty of motivation.

* He says the entire team understands that the start of the schedule is a great chance for this team.

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