Harris: It's time to put Miami on the map

Jacory Harris addressed the media this afternoon and CanesTime.com was there. Read on to see what the sophomore quarterback is saying.

* Robert Marve being gone means that he has more pressure.

* Now he's a man and that every time he goes out there he has to go out and do it.

* The community sees him as a savior.

* He embraces that pressure, he wants people to think of him in that way and wants that challenge.

* He's between 188 and 192 right now and says he played last year at 175.

* Loves Mark Whipple's offense and that's it very similar to the offense at MNW.

* Says Whipple is a really cool guy and that he jokes around a lot with them and they get along great. He condensed the playbook in the spring and is basically using his NFL playbook already but it was slightly condensed version.

* Jimmy Graham looks good. They call him the Allen Bailey of offense because he looks so big and jumps so high. He says that he will help them out a lot this year.

* He said that he didn't have a preference at wide receiver and feels comfortable with all of them. Said it was a great competition every time out there during 7 on 7's.

* He's working a lot with AJ Highsmith and teaching him all the plays etc., feels that if he were in the same situation he'd want someone doing that for him.

* He has been calling season ticket holders and thanking them for buying season tickets, but that he actually had to answer some people's questions becaues they wouldn't believe that it was him. He had a script that he had to follow but after he said that he was Jacory Harris, people would stop him and it'd take him 3-4 minutes just to get through the script.

* Said he likes the starting schedule because it gives them a chance to prove themselves right away and put Miami on the map.

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