Spence ready to turn things around

Sean Spence addressed the media this afternoon and CanesTime.com was there. Read on to see what the sophomore linebacker is saying.

* He's at 212-214 lbs right now and played last year at 202-205.

* He likes Lovett's defense, he says it's less complex than last year and just lets you go and make plays.

* He's excited about getting Colin back on defense. Says they will have a competition to see who can get more turnovers. Said that Colin, Eric, and Randy bring a lot of experience back on defense.

* Says he feels very comfortable with Jacory at quarterback and that he's never doubted him. Feels like Jacory will get the job done.

* The d-line is very deep and very big. Said that Allen Bailey has made that step to becoming a dominant player.

* Last year was a very rough experience, but you have to crawl before you walk. Says that with the leadership coming back on defense and the offense being older, they should have a big year this year.

* Talked about the preaseason rankings and how some people had them 4th in the division, but that it doesn't really matter and they are going to go out there and prove everyone wrong.

* Said he's excited for the FSU game. Said it's the kind of game you come to Miami for and that it'll be exciting to play your rival in their home stadium.

* Personally, he wants to avoid and fix some of the mistakes he made last year. Said he made some plays, but he also made some mistakes that he saw on film and wants to correct those this year.

* Talked about Graham and said he's like a tree out there and that hes really tough to cover. Said the test for him will be when they start hitting. Said Graham is tough and muscular so he should be fine. Said he looks like a football player, not a basketball player.

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