UM Coaches Visit DE

At 6-foot-4 and 240 pounds, Reserve (La.) East St. John standout defensive end Kirston Pittman has been extremely busy the past few days. That's what happens when you're among the most heavily recruited players in the entire country at your position.

"The coaches from Michigan were here earlier tonight," Pittman said. "LSU and Texas coaches are coming tomorrow. Two Miami coaches were here last night and Florida State's supposed to be coming by."

Pittman said he received an in-home visit from Coaches Randy Shannon and Curtis Johnson last night.

"Basically they were talking to me about the different schemes they use on defense," he said. "They were talking about how I fit into their defense and how I can make an impact early on if I worked for it. What they showed me last night was looking good, real good. Coach Johnson has been recruiting me all year and he brought the defensive coordinator with them. I liked Coach Shannon a lot."

Pittman said the two coaches also made an in-home visit with teammate Vegas Franklin last night.

"They visited with him too," he said. "He's going to Tennessee this weekend and then we're both going to Miami together."

Early in the recruiting process, both Pittman and Franklin talked about going to college together although that talk faded in recent weeks.

"Actually, it's looking better and better again," he said. "We still like the same schools and we might end up picking the same one. I know he liked Florida State a lot but he knows he's got some real good trips coming up."

Pittman -- who looks outstanding on tape with his natural athletic ability, quickness upfield, and very long arms -- is a full academic qualifier. He'll take this week off to rest, he said.

"I've already been to Texas, Michigan, and Florida State," he said. "They were all great places. The only difference with all of them was the weather. That's it. They were all good football towns, I got along with the players at all three real well, and I really got along with the coaches."

Pittman said he's now looking forward to his last two trips.

"Miami's on the 24th and LSU is on the 31st," he said. "I'll sit down with my family and make up my mind in early February but nobody will know until signing day. Nobody except the coaches. Nobody and I'm trying to keep it that way, you know."

So what is the standout defensive lineman looking for in picking one of those five schools?

"Basically, it's a combination of things," he said. "There really wasn't much difference between the first three. They were all great. If one of these last two is that much better, then that's cool. All the ones I'm looking at have real good business schools. I'm going to major in Business Management."

Pittman, who started a phone call with Texas head coach Mack Brown at the end of our conversation, talked more about the Hurricanes.

"Aside from the coaches being real cool and showing me how I can fit into what they're doing and maybe play early," he said, "Miami's just a great school. I've always liked them. I don't want to really name a favorite yet but Miami's got a good chance, a real good chance. A great chance."

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