Bosher: I've been working on all 3 areas

Matt Bosher is the reigning Team MVP for the University of Miami and he addressed the media this afternoon.'s Alex Ordoqui was there so read on to see what Bosher was saying.

Matt Bosher:

* He's been working on all three areas of kicking but isn't sure yet whether he'll have the duties for all areas again this season.

* He's been working to be more consistent as a punter and on kickoffs.

* He can't describe or put into words what winning last year's Team MVP award meant to him.

* He says Jake Wieclaw has really improved on field goals and punting.

* The goal at Miami this year, and every year, is still to win a national title and this one is no different.

* He says he goes over game-winning situations in his mind all the time while in practice.

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