Mock Draft: Former UM Players (Round 1)

As the summer winds down and we get closer to the start of football season, the staff would like to make things a bit more interesting. For the next few weeks, we will post the round-by-round results of a mock draft done by the six writers of the site. The pool of players are former Hurricanes, dating back to 1980. Here are the first round picks.

The rules are simple -- 26 slots to fill an entire lineup along with one assistant coach at the end. Draft the best possible team made up of former Hurricanes. We'll post the results each day with a new round, complete with explanation of our picks from that day.

After the picks have been posted for that day, readers will get a chance to vote on who made the best pick. At the end of the series, readers will have a chance to breakdown each of the six teams and we'll see who drafted the best team. It should be an exciting few weeks to see who can grab the best players!

The six writers taking part in this series are Mike Gohari, David Villavicencio, Alex Ordoqui, Mike Bakas, Raul Tano, and Larry Cole.

1. GOHARI: LB Ray Lewis – "I selected Ray Lewis because he the epitome of what it means to be a Miami Hurricane. When he gets bruised his arm turns green instead of blue, when he gets a cut his blood is orange instead of red, the guy is the ultimate hurricane and these are the types of guys that I want on my squad. The middle linebacker is the quarterback of the defense and he is the guy that I want making all of the calls. I believe that when one of the best players on your team is also the hardest worker it becomes a trickle down effect and the rest of my team has no choice but to follow his lead. I can also guarantee you that my defense will never come out flat. O yeah...he also happens to be a decent middle linebacker evidenced by the fact that he put up 81 tackles, two sacks, two tackles for loss, and four pass a freshman You don't get much better than Ray Lewis when it comes to the middle linebacker position."

2. VILLAVICENCIO: OT Bryant McKinnie – "The reasoning behind this pick is simple. While Miami is known for producing tons of top quality players, offensive linemen are not as abundant as some of the other positions. I wanted to start my draft with someone that would make a huge difference for the team and I feel McKinnie is just that. He can dominate the line of scrimmage and protect my quarterback. A two-year starter at UM, McKinnie was an extraordinary blocking tackle for the Canes. "Mount McKinnie" did not allow a sack over his college career and was named an All-American in 2000 and 2001. The accolades did not end there for the 6-foot-8 star lineman. He was the 2001 recipient of the Outland Trophy, finished 8th overall in voting for the 2001 Heisman Trophy, and was the CNN Sports Illustrated Player of the Year and let's not forget how crucial he was to the Hurricanes' 2001 National Championship. While there were tons of great Hurricanes to choose from, I feel a player like Bryant McKinnie fills the needs I was looking for with my first selection."

3. ORDOQUI: S Ed Reed – "I can not think of a better player in the history of Miami football than Ed Reed. The 2-time All-American provides your team with arguably the best ball hawking safety in the history of college football and instantly becomes the leader of your team. Reed, whose 21 interceptions give him the most in the history of program, was the heart and soul of Miami's 2001 national title team. He was a major reason as to why Miami quickly rose to the heights of college football so quickly after the probation era. There was an ample pool of All-Americans that I considered taking with this pick, but in the end I could not imagine passing on Reed."

4. BAKAS: DT Warren Sapp – "Championships are won on defense and Miami's five are a clear indication of that. And, as any Hurricane will tell you, it all starts up front. Miami has produced more quality defensive linemen over the last two decades than any other program in college football. There isn't anyone better than Warren Sapp. We thought Sapp was the best player available in this spot, both from an overall standpoint and from the defensive side of the ball. He'll demand constant double teams, let the linebackers behind him make all kinds of plays, and be a major inspirational leader on our defense. We're very excited to have landed a player of this caliber with the fourth overall pick."

5. TANO: DT Jerome Brown – "Any draftnik knows that the highest value picks are in the trenches. What better way for Team Tano to start their Hurricanes draft by selecting perhaps the Quintessential Hurricane, a man who represented the true swagger and sheer dominance of the Miami Hurricanes in the mid 80's. Though his NFL was cut short by tragedy, Jerome Brown established himself as one of the NCAA and NFL's premier defensive tackles. At 6'2" and 290 lbs, he has the physical presence, but his main attribute was his cat like reflexes, which helped him become an excellent pass rusher both in college and the NFL. Perhaps his greatest attribute though is his ability to instantly become the emotional leader of Team Tano. Brown would be the heart and soul of the team, a presence in the locker room and on the sidelines, and a leader on the field as well as off. Appropriately, when Team Tano plays Team Bakas, Brown will have Team Tano dressed in fatigues as they step off the plane. No-brainer pick."

6. COLE: QB Ken Dorsey --"First off, I'd like to say, this pick was originally slated to be for University of Miami and NFL Hall of Fame defensive end Ted Hendricks, but because the powers at be decided on some faulty logic, I'm stuck here taking the greatest signal caller the University of Miami has seen...a man that holds every significant passing milestone in school history...some skinny kid from California named Ken Dorsey. If the name of the game is putting together a winning team, no player exemplifies that concept more than Dorsey, whose 38-2 record at a starter speaks for itself."

* * * What do you think of these picks? Which writer had the best pick in the first round? Who would you have taken? Talk about all that with other Canes fans by clicking HERE.

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