Injury updates on Epps, Moncur, and more

There have been a lot of questions surrounding the status of players like tight end Dedrick Epps and defensive end Eric Moncur. Read on for the update on those players and more.

Here is what Randy Shannon was saying:

How was day one?
It was a typical day one -- some good things. It's always the first sloppy day. For the most part it was pretty decent. Guys flew around for the first day.

With the atmosphere, was it a distraction?
Really, you like this kind of atmosphere. You wanna see who can handle it. You wanna put them in tough situations. Maybe some family friends are out here watching you play. Some guys can't handle it but I thought it was good how they handled the distraction part.

On Randy Phillips:
He did a good job today. We played him at a few different positions. He's a veteran and he handled it well. He's a leader for guys on defense. I told him the other day, when you were a freshman at the University of Miami, Travis Benjamin was a 7th grader. He's the grandfather of the team.

On Dedrick Epps:
He ran around today like he didn't miss a beat. It's exciting to have him back.

On Eric Moncur:
He's fine. He ran around and it's good to see him bounce around and have some fun.

On being able to tell much without pads:
Not really. Right now, with the offensive and defensive lines, you can't tell who's who because they don't come off the ball and hit anyone. The wide receivers, you can tell certain things but when pads go on and you start press coverage you can tell. About four days from now, I can begin to tell you who's who and who to get excited about.

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