Shannon: Leadership is vital

The Hurricanes practiced for the second time this morning and head coach Randy Shannon talked about some stuff afterwards. Read on to see what he's saying.

On Eric Moncur:
We're so young at that position, it's vital to have some leadership there. With him coming back, it's been very helpful.

On Moncur dropping weight:
I think that's best for him. You always evaluate things -- when some guys had their best times at Miami, they weren't so big. Eric was always a powerful person and he's at his weight when he had a great year. He's been flying around.

On the younger players:
They're a lot better. They're not lining up wrong. It's a little different atmosphere. But I don't know yet. We're in shorts. You won't know till they're in pads.

On what A.J. Highsmith brings:
The way he carries his team, what he gives to the team, his maturity, how smart he was. I watched him when he grew up. He did things for his high school team. He played a few different positions. He was always smart enough to handle it. He's a good athlete. Right now, he's a quarterback. That's what we recruited him as, that's where he wants to play. He went to the state championship in high school and threw 28 touchdowns. The guy knows how to win.

On Arthur Brown moving around:
He's too young. It's always the older guys moving around.

On Matt Pipho:
You don't know till you get in pads. He had a tremendous spring. It was time for him to step up and he did. He's a very smart guy. He's been here five years, played tackle, guard, and center. That adds value to your team.

On Micanor Regis:
He's probably made the biggest jump on the defensive line. He keeps improving. He has a motor and we're excited about his progress. He's trimmed down. Last year we had to use him. Now you see how he's developed. The way he carries himself, he's a different person.

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