Hurtt talks D-Line

Defensive line might be the deepest and most talented unit on this entire football team right now. Clint Hurtt talked about the unit and some of its top players after practice on Sunday. Read on to see what he's saying.

On getting Eric Moncur back:
That's huge. As a coach, you sit there and preach and you teach, grinding them with hustle and effort. A lot of the young guys last year, a lot of times, I can push them all I want but having a guy like Eric, they see his tempo and his intensity and they say, 'oh, that's what Coach means'. It's a big benefit having him out there.

On Moncur responding after a tough year on and off the field:
It's a big tribute. He's a very physically and mentally tough kid. We had to make sure he had our support. He faught those battles andnow I know he's gonna hurt somebody.

On the D-Line being the best in awhile:
I'm not gonna say it's the best yet because that takes productivity. I was here in 01 and 02 and I agree the talent is there and now it's my job to make sure those guys perform on Saturdays.

On Allen Bailey:
He's extremely talented. He's gonna be highly productive. He didn't get a lot of burn as a true freshman because he was playing linebacker. You gotta understand, he wouldn't have come here if he didn't get a chance to play linebacker that first year. If he didn't come here, we would have been playing against him in Gainesville last year. At defensive end last year, it was like having him as a true freshman. I thought he did a lot of positive things and he has a lot of things to improve on. He's used to playing with his hand on the ground now.

On his upside:
The only guy I ever saw like that was Darryl Gardner with the Dolphins. Darryl was probably two inches taller. I talk to Swasey all the time (and he had) Kellen (Winslow), Andre (Johnson), Willis McGahee, Sean (Taylor), well Allen might be past that in terms of what he's capable of doing. He runs like he's 225 at 294.

On Olivier Vernon:
We all are excited. It's very similar with Marcus Robinson coming in last year. He's a great kid, a tremendous talent, and just has to keep learning. He's definitely another playmaker added to the group. We have a lot of depth. The offensive linemen won't ever get a break no matter who's on the field. We have a lot of guys who can play.

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