Dee Webb Follow Up

I followed up with Webb after a very brief conversation earlier. Since the big issue of playing time has been discussed a lot, he had something interesting to say.

"Miami is now talking about corner," he said. "They said they think I can play both safety and corner but they might need me more at corner now."

So how might that change things?

"It doesn't matter," he said. "Like they said, the best guys will play. I was talking to Antrel Rolle and he was telling me about how he signed with them when they had a bunch of guys [Phillip Buchanon, Mike Rumph, and Markese Fitzgerald] on the roster that were really good. He was ballin right away and they played him his first year then he started his second year. They got some guys like Kelly Jennings, Antrel, and Glenn Sharpe but I'll just go do my thing and we'll see what happens. I ain't worried about that cause I know where I stand and I know how hard I'm going to work."

Webb also took some time to discuss some of the other players on the visit.

Ernie Sims - "He was big into Florida the last time I talked to him but he seemed to really enjoy the visit to Miami. Everyone talks about Florida State with him but I really couldn't tell you right now."

Andre Caldwell - "I talked to him and was asking him what he's going to do. He's looking at the same ones I am and we were talking about how tough a decision it's going to be. He said they're even right now. He's doing his [decision] on signing day and I'll probably do mine before that."

Jarvis Moss - "He was a tall, skinny guy from Texas. I didn't even know he was a defensive end. He was cool though. He said he likes Texas but he was enjoying the trip [to Miami]."

Local kids - "They had some local guys there that were taking their visits. You can tell they're going to Miami just the way they act. They were trying to talk me and the others into coming."

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