Q&A with A.J. Highsmith

A.J. Highsmith is a true freshman quarterback who seems very excited to finally be a Hurricane. He talked about the latest after Monday morning's practice.

On coming in and learning:
It's just learning a new offense from Coach Whipple. With Jacory and and the older guys in front of me, I'm just learning and having fun and hopefully it'll turn out for the best.

On Jacory's help:
He helped me with run steps, play pass, progressions, reads. He'll explain the little things to me in meetings. It's like an older brother.

On the difference from high school:
Just the size and speed of the guys. In high school guys that big can't move like that. Everything's faster. You just gotta know where you're going.

On the receivers:
They're great. They will make the big catches when you need it. They'll take a quick hitch and go all the way.

On UM being in his family:
I was born into it. I had two parents who went here and that's all I know. It was destined to happen.

On being at the bottom of the depth chart:
I didn't expect to move guys out the way. I'm at the bottom and just have to keep doing what I'm doing.

On making the adjustment:
First thing's first -- I just had to get the snap from under center and then relax and play the game like you're taught.

On his father, Alonzo, and his advice:
He always reminds me to have fun. He said meetings and learning everything at first get get you frustrated but I just have to remember to have fun off the field.

On reports of him having an awkward delivery:
Sometimes, I don't know if it's my elbow height when I throw, I don't know.

On being able to run:
It helps to run. You can get out and keep the play going longer and get guys the ball. I wanna pass first and we wanna get the ball into our athletes' hands.

On knowing Coach Shannon:
He knew who I was and I knew who he was. We've gotten a lot closer since I've been here.

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