OL: Im gonna protect Jacory like he's my baby

Benjamin Jones is competing behind Jason Fox at left tackle and he talked about the latest after Monday morning's practice.

On his progress:
I'm feeling real well, getting everything down pat. I'm working on getting things in order.

On his new position:
I'm at left tackle now. At first it was a weird adjustment because I was used to right tackle. I got the hang of everything. Jason Fox is teaching me when I make the mistakes.

On making the switch:
I'm a right-handed person so going to the left side was kinda awkward. I've been there for awhile and it's all coming together now.

Why the switch:
I played right tackle in the spring and it was Coach Shannon's decision. They just put me over there.

On protecting Jacory:
You gotta be on your P's and Q's on the left side. You gotta be on your A game to block for Jacory. I'm gonna protect him like he's my baby.

On the mentality of the O-Line:
Don't give up nothing and protect, protect, and protect.

On trimming down:
I slimmed down a lot and got stronger. I lost a good 10 pounds. I'm about 290. I can move better and I think it was good for me to lose it.

On where he needs work:
With everything. You can never stop getting better. I'm working on my run block, pass block, technique, everything.

On his goals this season:
Get into the rotation but I'm just gonna play my role and do everything I can to help the team.

On the FSU game being first:
That's a big game. It's Monday Night Football. Everyone's ready for that. I know I am.

On the tough schedule to start:
I don't really say nothing. Everyone knows we have a hard schedule. We just gotta go play ball.

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