WR: I wasn't working hard in the past

Leonard Hankerson admitted to not working real hard in the past. He says he's a changed man and he talked about everything following Monday morning's practice.

On what he improved on:
I feel like I'm a lot mentally tougher, more physical, and more focused. I'm keeping my eye on the ball, doing what I gotta do.

On getting pushed by the younger receivers:
I don't worry about that. We're all gonna work hard, all gonna make plays. We all gotta get the job done and win games.

On Jacory playing full-time now:
It's gonna be a good thing. All the quarterbacks are doing what they gotta do. We're working hard and competing.

On last year's performance:
My mindset (for this year) was to keep my eyes on the ball, catch the ball, work hard, and compete.

On the drops from last year:
I wasn't keeping my eye on the ball. I was trying to get yac yards, run before I had the ball.

On working with former Dolphin Mark Duper this summer:
I worked with Duper all summer. We got together two days a week. He taught me to concentrate, get in a zone, and catch the ball. He came to me and wanted to work with me. He liked my size, said I had good speed, and I just listened to what he had to say and took it in.

On being the veteran at receiver:
We're all going out as first teamers. We're all competing and doing what we gotta do, making plays.

On improvement from last season:
I think I've improved a lot. In the past in I didn't really work hard and this summer I did what I had to do. Now I'm concentrating and I gotta get the job done this year.

On his weight:
I lost about four pounds. I wanna play at like 205.

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