Shannon: He's a trillion times better

Randy Shannon talked about some players following today's practice and you don't wanna miss what he's saying. Read on...

Randy Shannon following today's practice:

On today's practice:
It was the first day of shells so it was a little physical but guys stepped up. It was fundamentals -- wrapping up and not taking to the ground. The running backs and receivers got bumped around.

On any standouts:
Jimmy Graham ran around in pads and made some plays today.

On Brandon Harris:
He's a lot better than he was this time last year -- a trillion times better. He's knocked some balls down, had some interceptions. He's having fun with it.

On Arthur Brown playing MLB:
You look at him, with his speed, you see him as an outside guy. Like anything else, we're looking for a niche for him. Wherever we can help him develop the fastest is what he'll do. It all came about, we were doing in-season stuff, and all you saw was a quick guy moving around making plays and you say maybe that's what he is -- he natureally moves around faster. It's like defensive ends and tackles, at tackle you need to be real quick with your hands. At end, it takes longer and if guys aren't as quick with hand eye coordinattion, it'll be more of a struggle. You have to help with those things as a coach.

On Leonard Hankerson:
He's a whole lot better. He's improved from spring time till now. He's making a lot of plays. He's become a leader of that group.

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