DVD: The secondary is ready to breakout

Demarcus Van Dyke believes he and the rest of the secondary will have a breakout season. Read on to see everything he was talking about after practice this morning.

On last season:
I've been through some ups and downs. This year I'll break out and we'll prove the whole secondary is good.

On his confidence level:
I got down on myself too much. I'm kinda hard on myself. I gave up a pass early in the season and had to let that go and move on to the next game and that's what I'm doing now.

On being underestimated:
I just hope they (receivers) don't respect me and I'm gonna make 'em pay.

On the lack of interceptions:
We're trying to double that so it can help us out as a team.

On freshmen coming in and playing:
I was telling Ray Ray yesterday, I thought I would redshirt but I came to camp and played. He made a great play in 7on7 and I told him to keep doing that and you'll be alright.

On Lamar Miller:
All I can say is that kid has vision. The play was going one way and he started going the other way. He's gonna play this year. I see it in him. He's already mature for the game. I thought he was a 4.5 guy but those guys were chasing him and he was running away from them.

On three defensive coordinators since he got here:
It's not that tough because I watch all the film. It's a challenge and I'm just trying to have an excellent year.

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