Forston: It's time to bust somebody

Marcus Forston was very excited to put full pads on today. Read on to see what he was saying after practice.

On making improvements to his game:
I'm running to the ball better, using my hands better, and getting off blocks better.

On trimming down:
I lost six or seven pounds. It's just something I wanted to do. It helps me condition better, helps me burst to the ball more.

On Jacory Harris:
He has grown a lot. He was calm last year and he's even more calm now. He's becoming more of a leader. He has a role and he's playing it well now.

On Jacory being the main guy this year:
We got one of the top offensive lines in the natrion right now. That's a good thing.

On going in full pads for the first time:
It' time to bust somebody. It's time to make someone pay. You gotta release your anger. Once you're in the locker room you gotta be calm. Watching film, you gotta be calm.

On the intensity:
It's just our coach working us. That's something we want. We come straight. If you wanna get more wins, do more conditioning.

On the rotation of DLinemen:
There's so much talent here but then again, you're pushing yourself at the same time. You see a guy at the same spot and you don't want that guy to outwork you or make more plays. That's pushing you. Even though you're tired, you wanna pass him. Let the best man win.

On the FSU game:
That's something I've dreamed of for years. Since I was a little boy watching all those guys come through here, that's one of our biggest rivalries. Playing the first game on Monday night, you can't get no better than that.

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