Fox: I'm ready to knock some heads off

Jason Fox was held out of practice today. Read on to see what he was saying afterwards.

On having the day off:
If I'm out here, I'm gonna be practicing (laughing). It's hard to be on the sideline.

On the team going full pads today:
It's always for real. We're never going half-seed. Now we're ready to go in full pads. I'm ready to knock some heads off.

On the freshmen coming along:
We're still early in camp. We still gotta see what they're made of. No one has proved themselves yet. We still got a lot of camp to go.

On the mistakes:
This is the first week. I'm not gonna say we're not making mistakes but that's what camp is for. You work out the wrinkles, polish up, and get ready for the season.

On Jimmy Graham:
He's a really talented guy, smart as heck, an unbelievable athlete. He's just coming in, still has some to go learning the playbook. A lot of the older guys are helping him out. I think he'll be ready by the end of camp.

On being a mental thing for Graham:
Absolutely. When a normal guy comes in, he has four or five years to learn the playbook. He's only got a year's time to learn this. He's already a Division 1 athlete so he knows he can run around here and hang with everybody. He just has to learn the playbook.

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