Trump: I was like a deer in the headlights

A.J. Trump is one of the most experienced returning linemen for the Hurricanes and he talked about a number of things after practice today.

On the O-Line being a year older:
We've been together. We've had the same coach. Most of us are older and have game experience. We know what we gotta do. We don't make a lot of mental errors. We're pretty cohesive. When things are clicking and everyone's healthy, it's pretty easy.

On learning another offense:
It wasn't too bad with Nix. Going from Nix to Whipple, we have a lot of the same concepts. The important part is we kept Coach Stoutland. He converted a lot of it to our language and we picked it up real quick. The first few offenses, I was like a deer in the headlights. Most of the concepts are the same, it's just different terminology.

On the FSU game:
Florida State. That's all you need to say. At Doak Campbell. That's the game we all get up for. It's awesome. I love going up there and playing. A lot of guys played against each other (in high school). It's a fun game.

On Jacory:
He's getting a lot better. He's learning. He's still that kid, still has a good time but he's learned how to take that and get serious. He's starting to pick up the concepts. Coach Whipple is doing a great job with all the quarterbacks. I've seen improvement since the spring those guys are making with their reads, standing in the pocket, getting more confident in the offense. The whole quarterback unit as improved.

On Jacory playing hurt vs Cal:
That was a big moment. I didn't know at the time he was hurt. He's the type of kid, you play for him. He has a lot of fun playing. You feed off his energy. We don't wanna get him touched. That's our mentality. There's something about him. He's a playful guy. Sometimes you're going through the grind and he comes into the huddle and says, 'what's up guys, lets do this.' He has a quality not a lot of guys have.

On Brandon Washington:
He's doing a good job, picking things up quickly. Being here just one spring, he's learned the offense and he's getting there. He's probably gonna play for us this year, it wouldn't surprise me at all.

On Harland Gunn:
He's doing a great jon. He's definitely a guy that's gonna play. Coach Stoutland tells us every day, we got five up front but eight or nine will end up playing. He's explosive, quick, learned the offense, and he's strong. He's working at both guards with a little more right guard.

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