McGee: I'm finally making plays

Brandon McGee is a talented freshman cornerback who is competing for a starting job already. Read on to see what he was saying after the second practice today.

On his performance so far:
I feel a lot better than I did in the spring. I had the surgery that sidelined me for the spring game. Getting back in pads, into the groove, it feels natural.

On which corner spot he's playing:
Either one Coach McGriff puts me at but right now I'm at the field corner. From what I see, me and Demarcus Van Dyke are there now so I guess the field corner has to have speed and I definitely feel I can use my speed there.

On the adjustment to college:
The biggest adjustment is the tempo. It's a lot faster than high school. You're constantly moving, never taking a break and sitting down. When you got a supporting cast around you like the upperclassmen at my position and Brandon Harris, even a second year player, pulling you along, you're able to execute.

On the first two-a-days:
The first two-a-days is a lot different than high school, I can say that. Having those guys to support you uplifts your spirits and motivates you.

On Saturday's scrimmage:
We're definitely looking forward to making an impact at the scrimmage.

On practices vs. scrimmages:
It's equal importance. What you do in practice, you have to carry over to the game field. Scrimmaging is just like the offense going against the defense so we're just gonna take what we do in practice and turn it over to the scrimmage.

On things to work on:
Coach McGriff emphasis playing our techniques, staying over top of the receivers. Just execute the techniques and fundamentals he teaches us.

On any early struggles:
I was struggling at first for the summer practices. I wasn't making plays but the upperclassmen said don't get down and yesterday I had my first pick of the summer and had a few pass break ups. I'm definitely getting my confidence up.

On the secondary as a whole:
We're definitely producing a lot of interceptions. Some say we lacked that last year. With this group we have now, even Coach McGriff sees it, we can make a lot of plays.

On competing against the receivers:
Going against them every day makes me better. We have receivers like Travis Benjamin, Laron Byrd, and upperclassmen like Leonard Hankerson. Just having those guys around to go against every day makes you better. When you compete it makes you better as a whole team.

On the recent starts freshmen have been getting at corner:
That's definitely one of the main reasons I came to the University of Miami. Coach Shannon told me during the recruiting process that the best guys will play. Just seeing those guys starting, like Aldarius Johnson even starting on offense, definitely motivates me.

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