Monday am report: Ojomo out for awhile

The Hurricanes resumed practice this morning and you can catch up on all the latest with the report below.

Coach Shannon after practice this morning:

Q: How did the scrimmage go?
A: It was great for us that we worked in the rain. When the rain comes down it distract a practice, but it didn't. Guys flew around, had fun. It was good to see the team react to those things happening. The guys did a good job. The offense was doing well, the defense went well, special teams were pretty good. No big mistakes. No bad snaps or anything like that. I was happy to see that.

Q: How long did it rain?
A: It rained almost the whole practice. No lightning just rain.

Q: How much work did you guys get in?
A: We had a good scrimmage. We ran about 90 plays without interruption.

Q; Who got most of the reps?
A: We treated it like the NFL does in the preseason. We wanted to see how the young guys would do. As we get closer to the season the older guys will play more.

Q: Did you rest a lot of the veterans?
A: Guys like Javarris, Cooper, and Sharpton were not out there as much. We know what they can do. We wanted to see how some of the younger guys would respond. We can rest some of the older guys because we have the depth to do it now.

Q; How did the freshmen perform?
A: Freshmen are freshmen. It's the first scrimmage so they are going to make mistakes. You have to coach them and teach them, and that is what we are doing.

Q: Were there any injuries?
A: Ojomo will be out for a while. He was horsing around in the locker room with a couple of players last night, got a little injury. He will be back for the first game or second game, maybe even earlier.

Q: How does that affect the defensive end position?
A: We have depth so we will be ok. You have Marcus and Steven we still have bodies there. It's unfortunate it happened. We always tell the guys don't horse around in the locker room because things like this can happen.

Q; How was the first week of fall practice?
A: It is going well. We are doing better than we were this spring. The enthusiasm is there on the whole team.

Q: How did practice go this morning?
A: It was a good practice. It was good to see the team come out well after an off day. The intensity was good today. We had a short goal line scrimmage today. It was good to see the guys play at a fast tempo and work hard.

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