Notes from Saturday's scrimmage

The Hurricanes held a closed scrimmage on Saturday and some news and notes from that event broke after practice today. Read on to see some of what went on.

* True freshman Jamal Reid is playing safety after being recruited here to play corner.

* Randy Phillips and Jared Campbell both had interceptions.

* Freshman running back Lamar Miller had a big day.

* Despite the rain, there were no bad snaps in the 90-100 that were made.

* Allen Bailey caused a fumble.

* Leonard Hankerson scored two touchdowns and was one of the offensive bright spots. Both catches came from Jacory.

* Tommy Streeter caught a 40 yard pass from freshman A.J. Highsmith.

* A trio of linebackers were said to be "all over the place" -- Spence, Brown, and McCarthy.

* Jake Wieclaw and Matt Bosher each had two field goals.

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