Brown: Coach Lovett makes it simple

People have high expectations for linebacker Arthur Brown this season. Read on to see what he was saying after practice last night.

Q: How was the scrimmage Saturday?
A: It went well. We are all just getting ready for the season.

Q: What position at you working at and who is competing with you?
A: I am at middle linebacker. Sharpton and Colin are the other guys working there.

Q: How would you describe your freshman season?
A: I was able to get my feet wet, and I am thankful for that opportunity. Now I am just looking forward to this year

Q: How do you deal with all the hype that comes with beign a 5 star recruit?
A: It is really all about me and how I take in what is coming at me. I try not to pay attention to what people are saying and all the hype. I have to focus on me, on what I have to do. The rest will take care of itself.

Q: What do you think of Coach Lovett?
A: He is a good guy. He just does not talk about football. He is a good coach. He makes it simple. He wants to make sure we are perfect in what we are doing before he teaches the next thing.

Q: What are your goals for this season?
A: I just want to help the team and win. We are all working to make this the best team that we can. The individual stuff will take care of itself.

Q: How is big is the return of McCarthy, Moncur and Phillips to this defense?
A: It is huge. Those guys are the leaders on this team. I guess it works out that each unit gets one back. They bring that experience that you can not teach.

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