Getting to Know: Olivier Vernon

Olivier Vernon is a freshman defensive end at the University of Miami. Get to know him by reading below.

Getting to Know The "U" Freshmen – Olivier Vernon

Hometown: Miami, Fla.

Position: Defensive Line

Favorite Food: Chicken Parmesan

Young Jeezy is in my iPod right now

I'm a ‘Cane because: I was born a ‘Cane

My training camp roommate is: Jamal Reid

Favorite part about being at the U right now: Playing football

The first days of practice have been: Hot

Favorite post-practice thing to do: Eat a frozen fruit bar

Mike James keeps me laughing

I have learned so much from Eric Moncur, Adewale Ojomo and Marcus Robinson

My most freshman-like moment was when: I was late to workouts

If Allen Bailey was a running back, he would: Not be tackled by me

I have to admit I can: Be a bit of a PS3 video game freak

One thing I have taken from my mom's Swiss heritage is: Love for Swiss chocolates, and I can speak a little bit of German.

Favorite sport besides football: Soccer and UFC

Toughest offensive lineman to face thus far in practice: Jason Fox

Allen Bailey or Orlando Franklin in tug-of-war: Allen Bailey

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