Getting to Know: QB A.J. Highsmith

A.J. Highsmith is a freshman quarterback at Miami and you can get to know more about him by reading below.

Hometown: Missouri City, Texas

Position: Quarterback

Everything really, but lately Young Jeezy is in my Ipod right now

I'm a `Cane because I love it

My training camp roommate is: Lamar Miller

Favorite part about being at the U right now: Being on the football team

Jamal Reid and Pat Hill keep me laughing

I have learned so much from Coach Whipple

The first days of practice have been: Long

Favorite post-practice thing to do: Sleep

Favorite sport besides football: Basketball

I wouldn't want to be hit by: Allen Bailey

If I could play any other position, it would be: Defensive End

Favorite `Cane of all-time: Sean Taylor

I can win a 7-on-7 competition with Jacory Harris, LaRon Byrd, Aldarius Johnson, Sean Spence and Brandon Harris

My O-Line is: Funny

Joel Figueroa or Orlando Franklin in a game of tug-of-war: Orlando Franklin

My most freshman-like moment was when: I left my helmet in the locker room and didn't realize it until after practice started

One thing my dad has told me about being at The U: You got to compete here

Which QB could win American Idol - Taylor Cook, Cannon Smith or Jacory Harris? Taylor Cook

Best fastball among quarterbacks: Taylor Cook

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