Byrd: The scrimmage was back and forth

Laron Byrd talked about Friday's scrimmage, the quarterback competition, the top defensive backs, and more after Sunday's practice.

On the scrimmage:
It was an even battle. The offense made plays but the competition was back and forth. It was equal.

On any touchdown passes:
All our quarterbacks had a decent amount of reps, looked finess on their passes. All our quarterbacks looked good -- Cannon, Taylor, and Jacory.

On the depth at QB:
Everyone's still competing for the job. You never know what happens. Taylor's doing real good, Cannon too. AJ Highsmith is doing good and you know what Jacory can do.

On Jacory Harris:
He always has been a leader and now that he is the starting quarterback, he has more responsibility in his new role. He comes out here every day, works hard, watches film. When he makes a mistake, he gets on himself the hardest. When he doesn't make a mistake, he gives the receivers the praise. As far as him being a leader, he is going to lead us to a championship one day.

On any interceptions:
Not that I remember.

On the offensive performance:
The offense was pretty good. We came out calm and collected. The quarterbacks handled the huddle right and they made big plays and we try to build on that every day.

On classes starting this week:
That is what we are here to do. We are here to go class, and we are here to play ball. That should be our mind frame and nothing else should be more important. All we have to do is keep working hard, and everything will be fine.

On the standout corners:
Sam Shields, with his speed and athleticism, he's gonna be very good. My favorite one to go against is Brandon Harris. He's my roommate so there's a lot of trash talking going on every day. Chavez Grant, Demarcus Van Dyke, Randy Phillips is doing a great job at safety and also Vaghn Telemaque.

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