Graham: It's gonna be a special opportunity

Jimmy Graham has switched from basketball to football this summer and he talked about a number of things after Sunday's practice.

On his progress:
I've done well. By the grace of God, I've stayed healthy and hopefully I'll continue getting better going into Florida State and hopefully I'll make my first college catch.

On the FSU game:
I keep telling people it's gonna be Duke (basketball) times 10 or maybe times 100. It's gonna be a special opportunity for myself and the team to get a big win on the road that we need.

On getting his body into football shape:
For the first week and a half I got knocked around. Colin got me a few times. I had a bunch of nicks and bruises, more than basketball. The turnover is quick with two-a-days, it's all day so there's no time (to rest). I'm more used to it now as far as the bumps and bruises go. I've been in an ice bag up to my chin for the last two weeks just getting prepared for the next day.

On getting reps:
Here, Coach Pannunzio mixes it up a lot. In the scrimmage I was with the second team but the last time I got a lot with the first team. They're just trying to get me more reps and learn game situations.

On another scrimmage Tuesday:
Any mistake you have, you have another opportunity to turn around and make up for it. I'm excited for it. You just keep learning. Each week and each day I've learned a lot and hopefully what I've learned will carry over.

On his technique:
It's been two weeks. Blocking is a thing I've been working on the most. I can run, catch, and jump but a tight end does both or you'd be a wide receiver. I've been metting with Coach Stoutland and will keep doing it every other day and just focus on the technique because that's what blocking is. 90-percent of it is good technique.

On being able to run people over:
I took two out of bounds (in the scrimmage). Coach has been sending me to the jugs machine every day. I'm learning to get my pad level down when I run so it's good to see that translated into the game.

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