Grant: It's been even between O and D

Chavez Grant is one of the most experienced players on Miami's defense this season and he talked about a number of things following practice on Sunday evening.

On how the team has come together:
I can't say enough about it. Seeing us going out and competing every day in this heat, even when the coaches are yelling at us, we always come back and dominate at what we do. Competition is on a very high level and I think it'll do a lot for us.

On the stable of running backs:
There are a bunch of great ones. Javarris James is coming back full speed, Graig Cooper is coming back full speed. You got Lee C hambers, Damien Berry, guys everywhere. Mike James is coming in and playing great. You can out any two of those in a game and it will do a lot to a defense. When we're on defense, we don't know who's at running back, who the fullback is. That kinda throws teams off with all that talent in the backfield.

On the interceptions at the scrimmage:
I had an interception. Jacory gave me another gift like he normally does (laughing). I can't wait to see him around Christmas. He gave me one in the first scrimmage, too. We're making each other better. He's helping me read quarterbacks and I'm helping him read defenses.

On the defense in the scrimmage:
Of course I'm gonna say we did better (than the offense). It's kinda even. Some drives we win, some they win. Competition is there. No one side is dominating. No one side is giving up. The offense might make a play and then we'll come back and make a play. That shows me we won't give up.

On the touchdowns at the scrimmage:
Thearon Collier had a touchdown. With the talent over there, those guys are always gonna score. With the talent on our side, we're gonna make plays. As long as we go back and forth, it's OK with me.

On Brandon Harris:
He's a lot different. He's matured a lot. Being with him at Booker T. (in high school), watching him grow, he's gonna be a very dominant player. By the time his senior year is here, he's gonna turn heads and I'm excited to see him.

On playing some safety:
I'm playing a little bit of everything -- playing a little offensive tackle, pulling guard (laughing). No, I'm playing a little safety, a little nickel, a little corner. I know so much of the defense that whenever they need someone to fill in, they put me in. I don't mind it. When someone goes down, I'm ready to step in. Brandon Harris and Van Dyke are doing a great job at corner. They don't need me there. Randy Phillips and Vaughn Telemaque are doing great at safety. JoJo is doing good. I'm just getting in wherever I can help.

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