Shannon: Scrimmage will be big for everyone

The Hurricanes resumed practice this morning and Randy Shannon spoke about a number of things afterwards. Read on to see what he was saying.

On today:
It was a normal practice. We went inside (for weather) for maybe 5 or 10 minutes then came back out.

On getting into a routine:
It's a routine but you switch things up -- move meetings back, shorten practice, get into a rhythm. You practice full speed, guys have the right tempo. When some guys go full speed and some go half speed that's when injuries happen.

On Matt Bosher handling everything:
I don't know yet till we get into the season. He's been punting very well, made some long kicks in practice. You never know until the game comes.

On Olivier Vernon:
He's doing really well. When you look at the freshmen, you don't expect them to do certain things. He's competing and doing well. Coming in January has helped him a lot. He doesn't look like a freshman coming in.

On Vernon competing for a starting spot:
One thing he has, physically, he's gifted and mentally he's doing a great job. That's one thing you have to be careful of as freshmen -- mentally they can't handle it and go into the tank.

On the depth at D-end:
We did it last year with a couple freshmen. We played five defensive ends and you rotate them. It helps. Instead of playing 70-80 plays, you're playing 35-40.

On moving someone like Allen Bailey:

On Eric Moncur playing vs FSU:
He has to practice Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday before Florida State if he wants to play in that game. Guys aren't used to the reps of contact. He's been out a long time so he's got to practice for us to be able to put him in the game.

On AJ Trump sitting out:
Nobody's getting thin. We're always sitting people out in practice so it was their day. We sat Randy Phillips out today as well.

On watching tape of a season-opening opponent:
There's always gonna be something new they put in -- a new formation, a new play. For the most part a team has an identity of what they're gonna do. You have to prepare for that and expect the unexpected. That's what two-a-days are for -- you go over things. Offensively they do some things or defensively they may do some things we haven't been seeing in practice. It should work out well.

On Patrick Hill:
He rested yesterday and practiced today.

On the backup QB:
When the summer comes, it was open season again. It's always open season when you have more than two. It never changes.

On tomorrow's scrimmage:
It's big for everyone who's out there competing. Offensively and defensively, if you just name guys ones and who will be starters you won't have guys going into the scrimmage and competing. Guys will get lazy and you wanna do those types of (competitive) things for guys to have that mentality.

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