Vernon running with the ones

Olivier Vernon is a true freshman defensive end already competing for a starting spot at Miami. Read on to see everything he was saying after Monday's practice.

On his progress:
I'm doing alright, just getting my work in and getting ready for the first game.

On working with the ones:
Yeah, right now I'm on the right side. It's me and Andrew Smith. The left side is Marcus Robinson and he rotates with Steven Wesley.

On how exciting this is for him:
I visualize me playing in the game but I'm focusing on not forgetting anything and remembering all the plays and stuff.

On his mentality:
Your strength and mentality have to be right. You have to have a strong mind. Everything is fast-paced.

On his current size:
I'm 6-3 and 250.

On coming in early and competing:
I came to the U to make plays and I never really get nervous.

On his strengths:
In the beginning it was pass-rushing but now I've been working on my run game so now I'm more balanced even though I need more work.

On the pressure:
I love pressure. Pressure never gets me thinking too much. It makes you play better.

On last year's ankle injury:
I got hurt in the first game and missed the rest of the season. The teams I had picked, like the top three, they stayed on me. It was Miami, Florida State, and Alabama. Really, I wasn't doing that much because I was limited. As soon as I got here, I straight rehabbed every day and it got me right real quick.

On speaking other languages:
I speak a little German. My mom is from Switzerland. She used to speak it to me. My dad is from Jamaica. I've been there a few times to see my grandparents, to both places actually.

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