Getting to Know: RB Mike James

Mike James is a freshman running back at Miami and you can get to know more about him below.

Getting to Know The "U" Freshmen – Mike James

Hometown: Haines City, Fla.

Position: Running Back

Favorite Food: Ribs

Gucci Mane is in my iPod right now

I'm a ‘Cane because: I wanted to win

My training camp roommate is: Brandon McGee

Favorite part about being at the U right now: Playing football

Preseason Camp has been: A good experience

Favorite post-practice thing to do: Watch film

Lamar Miller keeps me laughing

I have learned so much from Coach Robinson

My most freshman-like moment was when: I left my helmet in the locker room at the start of practice

I wouldn't want to be hit by: Allen Bailey

If Javarris James is a Cadillac, Graig Cooper is a Ferrari, then I can be a described as a: Mustang

Favorite sport besides football: Basketball

Who would win "Dancing with the Stars" - Javarris James, Graig Cooper or Lee Chambers? Coop

Most likely to bring down the house at a comedy club - Joel Figueroa, Orlando Franklin or A.J. Trump? Joel Figueroa

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